The Crosslé 50F and 51F

The Crosslé 50F

The 1982 Formula Ford 1600. Thirty five built. A Tactical new design featuring inboard suspension and a radiator situated behind the drivers seat. This slimline car, although revolutionary in appearance had some teething problems. A change of dampers brought about a marked improvement in handling, although under some conditions over heating was another problem. Raced by Peter McAleer, Fenton Parsons, Eddie Irvine, and used extensively by Skip Barber.

The Crosslé 51F

The 2000 version of the 50F. It featured a large one-piece front wing situated on top of the nose cone.
Greatly improved in mid season by a change from Armstrong to Koni dampers. Arnie Black raced his version in some European Championship rounds. Used at home by Dennis McGall, Colin Lees, and Jay Pollock.


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